The european warehouse of Textiles

I.L.C.A.T. S.p.a., was founded in 1956 and has grown through the years to become one of the most important companies in Prato’s textile sector. We are a leader at the european level in sales of textile fibers and yarns, a distributor of raw materials for the largest national and european companies, as well as many companies located Asia.

Through its excellent entrepreneurial synergy of personnel and structure, I.L.C.A.T. has grown in terms of turnover, reaching a level of sales of approximately 25 million kg. of materials annually to over 1,500 clients, predominately small and medium textile companies in Italy, but also including other clients in the European market.

The prestigious headquarters, located in a large, modern industrial zone of Prato and inaugurated in 1999, is very well equipped to provide services, especially logistics.

I.L.C.A.T. has developed a new concept of textile distribution: its 40,000 warehouse space enables it to manage more than 1,500 products with cutting-edge computerized systems, efficiently structured for modern storage and logistics management. The company applies the most innovative and efficient distribution methods, using computerized procedures to make rapid deliveries of a vast range of products, all of the highest quality, to its clients.

I.L.C.A.T. also has a sales office in Magenta, near Milan to provide rapid support for the company’s clientele in northern Italy.

I.L.C.A.T.’s strength is that it is in the position to supply every type of yarn rapidly, meeting all our clients’ needs, from a single box to a container.